The Author

Curly hair expert and texture specialist Adina has never known anything other than being a curly stylist. Entering the hair and beauty industry in 2003, she began her curl expert journey after graduating from cosmetology school, starting her apprenticeship at a downtown Toronto salon in Yorkville. For the most part, this salon specialized in curly hair. Adina was fascinated by the uniqueness and specialized service of a salon dealing with curls—curls of all shapes, sizes and textures. She was biten by the curly stylist bug and headed to the United States to embark on her curly education and certi cations. When Adina stepped into the New York Salon for her rst curly course, she had no idea where that step would take her.

Today, Adina has both of the highest-acclaimed curl-expert certi cations. She is both Ouidad and Curlisto certifed, and she also has three Deva achievements: Advanced, the Art of Texture; named Canada’s rst Deva Curl Coach in 2016; and became an educator for Deva in 2017. At the time of this book’s first publication, her salon, Curly Girls Studio, is the only studio in North America o ering both Ouidad and Deva techniques to clients. is unique distinction helped Curly Girls make it onto blogTO’s list of “the top 10 salons for curly hair in Toronto” less than two years after opening. The boutique studio caters exclusively to curls, providing only naturally curly hair-related service—no relaxers, no perms, no blowouts—and has received accolades for Always Being Curly!

Many clients come in just for Adina’s personalized curl coaching sessions. Client after client is amazed at what they learn during their sessions at the studio. Adina felt it was time to put together a curly reference guide to help all the curl friends she can. This is her way of reaching those of you whom she won’t have the opportunity to meet face to face—she will touch your curly lives with the ABCs instead.

So order a copy today! You’ll sit back, kick up your feet and enjoy this one-on-one curl coaching session put to paper to help bring out the curl in you. This book will change the way you look at your hair one curl at a time. Start from the basic ABCs, and learn how to “Always Be Curly” and love it!